What is Compound Interest?

What is compound interest?

Compound interest is a fundamental concept in investing. It involves generating investment returns on the returns you’ve already earned. Essentially, compounding can be thought of as earning interest on your interest – a phenomenon often referred to as the “miracle of compounding.”

Visualise it like this: Imagine a snowball rolling down a hill. Initially, it’s small, but as it continues rolling, it gradually grows larger, accumulating layer upon layer of snow. Similarly, your investment balance acts like the snowball, and the layers represent the compounding returns. These returns are derived from your entire account balance, leading to exponential growth over time.

How does compound interest work?

To demonstrate how compounding operates, let’s consider an example: You have $10,000 in an account earning 5% interest annually. After the first year, the account grows to $10,500, with $500 in interest added to the initial $10,000. In the second year, the account earns 5% interest on both the principal and the $500 interest from the first year, resulting in a gain of $525 and a balance of $11,025. Over 10 years, assuming no withdrawals and a consistent 5% interest rate, the account would reach $16,288.95.

In essence, compounding is a fundamental driver of wealth accumulation and is crucial in many long-term investment strategies. Opting to leave your money idle in a low-interest bank account would significantly slow down the wealth-building process. Instead, leveraging compound interest by investing regularly can accelerate the growth of your wealth over time. Start with an amount you’re comfortable with, and watch as your wealth grows exponentially.

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