Life insurance and income protection


Insurance is there to protect you in life’s more challenging moments. You spend most of your life working hard to grow your assets and build your career to earn a healthy salary.

If something unexpected happened to you, how would your family pay the mortgage, put food on the table or cover bills? Insurance could protect the financial security of you and your loved ones. While you hope it’s never needed, the peace of mind knowing your family is covered is priceless.

Insure your lifestyle and future

Accidents can happen at any time. Whether it’s something minor like tripping and breaking your ankle at footy on the weekend, or a serious illness or injury, insurance helps you prepare for the unexpected.

In the same way you’d insure your car or home, insuring yourself – your most valuable asset – can safeguard your ability to make a living.

If something suddenly stops your income stream, insurance can ensure you can keep up with day-to-day expenses and reduce financial stress.

Your options could include:

Life insurance
This can provide a lump sum of money for your family or other beneficiaries if you pass away. It can be used for anything from mortgage payments to school fees and other living expenses.
Income protection insurance
You could receive up to 85% of your pre-tax income if you’re unable to work due to a disability caused by illness or injury.
Total and permanent disability (TPD) insurance
This can provide a lump sum if you’re permanently disabled and unable to work due to injury or an illness.
Trauma insurance
This can provide a lump sum if you suffer a serious injury or critical illness, such as cancer or a major head injury.
How income protection can help you

Our team of finance professionals understand the ins and outs of income protection policy options. We can help you find the right insurance policy for your needs, and help you make an informed decision.

Working with a professional is especially important if:

  • You have dependents
  • You have debt, a mortgage or other ongoing financial commitments 
  • You’re the sole income earner in your household
  • You work in a high-risk industry.
Book an appointment to discuss how to protect your family.

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