Trauma Insurance

Trauma insurance


Trauma insurance (also referred to as critical illness) is a cover that will pay a lump sum if you were to suffer a serious injury or illness. This cover will way the insured benefit if you were to meet a prescribed condition listed as a Trauma condition. The majority of claims will include conditions such as cancer, stroke or major heart condition. Conditions can vary between various insurers and as such it is important to ascertain exactly what conditions are covered and the difference between them, rather than simply comparing cover on price.


Many people will take the following considerations into account when assessing their desired level of trauma insurance cover:

  • Potential medical costs in the event of a claim
  • Your living expenses while you are unable to work
  • Current levels of debt
  • Any adjustments to housing in the event of a claim
  • Cost of medication & therapy in the event of a claim


Unlike Life, Total and Permanent Disability & Income Protection cover, Trauma insurance can only be held personally, and premiums cannot be funded via a superannuation fund as it doesn’t meet the condition of release.