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Attention property owners and investors in Victoria! Recent changes to land tax laws could impact you. In this guide, we’ll explore the latest updates about land tax in Victoria, including what the changes entail and how they may affect you. Whether you’re a homeowner, landlord, or investor, staying informed about these new developments is crucial for managing your property assets effectively.

Today, we’re talking about something important for property owners in Victoria: the new land tax changes. The Victorian government has decided to increase land tax for the next ten years, starting in January 2024, to help pay off debts from Covid. But some folks are wondering if these higher taxes will stick around after that ten years.

This affects people who own investment properties because now they have to pay more to own and take care of their properties. It’s a tough situation for investors, and it might mean higher rent prices and more investors selling their properties. Having a good financial plan is super important when things are uncertain like this.

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Episode Highlights

  • Changes to land tax and why it was introduced

  • Government’s dependence on taxes

  • Impacts of increased tax on investments

  • Potential implications for the property market

  • Importance of planning and having a buffer 

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