49. The Buy-Sell Agreement

Welcome back to another episode of the 360 Money Matter Podcast! In today’s podcast, we talk about buy/sell arrangements and how business partners can protect their business interests in the event of death or permanent disability. These events could be unpredictable and thus require advanced planning. 

With the example of our partnership, we are going to walk you through what the Buy/Sell  Agreement is all about, who is involved, what health considerations should be taken in the underwriting of the contract, ownership structures and valuation methodology. 

If you are planning to enter into business with someone else or if you are in business with a partner, then this is the episode for you.  


Episode Highlights:

  • Defining Buy-Sell Agreement
  • Who are involved in the agreement
  • Some considerations to take for each partner and their families
  • Importance of reviewing the Buy-Sell Agreement
  • Talk to a licensed financial professional


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