137. Changes to superannuation limits on 1 July 2024

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In this episode, we explore deeper into the intricacies of year-end tax planning and the impending modifications in superannuation. We broke down significant adjustments like the transfer balance cap set at $1.9 million and the forthcoming increase in concessional contributions to $30,000 annually. 

Additionally, we explored the bump in after-tax contributions to $120,000, accompanied by a three-year bring-forward option. We also examined the uptick in super guarantee contributions from 11% to 11.5% and the simplification of preservation age to 60 for all individuals. We touched upon the anticipated stage three tax cuts set to take effect on July 1st. Our discussion includes the importance of seeking tailored advice to capitalize on these changes effectively. 

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Episode Highlights

  • About superannuation changes

  • Changes in superannuation limits

  • After-tax contributions and bring forward rule 

  • Super guarantee contribution and preservation age

  • Stage three tax cuts and financial planning


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