136. Property Guest (Marcel)

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In this episode, Marcel Dybner, a Partner at Besser+Co Estate Agents in Melbourne, recounts his journey starting from a challenging rental experience that steered him towards making a positive impact. Initially focusing on sales, he entered property management before joining Dion at Besser & Co. He addresses the current property market dynamics, where increased interest rates and landlord pressures are prompting property sales.

Furthermore, the strategies for selecting attractive properties are emphasized, highlighting factors like location, livability, and future development potential. Auction insights reveal varying bidding tactics, with some opting for aggressive early bids and others strategic late entries. Notably, there’s a trend towards single-level homes due to the convenience they offer to an aging population. Marcel underlines the importance of seizing investment opportunities aligned with personal goals and financial considerations amidst debt levels and economic uncertainties.

Listen to the full episode for insightful perspectives on navigating the property market and making informed investment decisions.


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Episode Highlights

  • About Marcel Dybner

  • Overview of Besser and Co. Estate Agents

  • Property market trends and challenges

  • Factors influencing property purchases

  • Property development and investment strategies

  • Property selection based on client needs

  • Financial considerations and discussions on loan repayments


About Marcel Dybner

Marcel is a Partner at Besser+Co Estate Agents in Melbourne and has been recognised as a leader in the Real Estate industry. 

Along with his own blog, he has been published in The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Business Insider, Smart Company, Property Observer and a host of other publications. He was most recently on the cover of Elite Agent Magazine and featured in their ‘Every Agent has a Story’ series alongside Million Dollar Listing LA (MDLLA) brothers Matt & Josh Altman. 

Property represents most people’s largest single asset and handling its tenancy carries significant responsibilities. 

Marcel strives to deliver superior service through constant communication with clients, achieving excellent rental returns and the best results possible. His drive, along with his ability to communicate both with and between parties in an approachable manner, provides Marcel and his clients with a competitive market edge. 


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